Nanpaya Temple – Structure Built From the Ancient Sandstone

» Nanpaya Temple is One of 4 Sandstone Structures in Bagan

Along with three sandstone monuments in Bagan including Shwezigon Pagoda, Kyauk Gu U Min and Set Ku Taik in your Bagan travel to explore, Nanpaya Temple is another structure in the collection of four Bagan monuments locating in the south of Manuha Image. It is also believed to be the Manuha’s prison although there is not much clear evidence supporting the legend.

nanpaya temple

Nanpaya Temple

» Nanpaya Temple’s Architecture

Nanpaya temple was built of baked bricks in the inner walls and sandstones in the outer walls, which makes its structure distinctive and it is believed to be constructed in the late A.D.11th century or early A. D. 12th century on the palace site.

nanpaya temple 2

Nanpaya Temple Looks Like a Prison

All four pillars of the interior chamber were decorated with beautiful artworks, on which skillful craftsmen accomplished two stone reliefs of Brahma. The Brahmas were set in the lotus thrones and each of them has three heads. On the stone blocks were sculptures executed carefully.

nanpaya temple 4

A brick devotional throne with no image was placed in the centre. It is said to be a Hindu temple because of its architecture Hindu-style, Brahma figures and devotional throne.

nanpaya temple 3

A Side Wall of Nanpaya Temple

Bagan City Tour to visit Nanpaya Temple

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