Kyauk Gu U Min – What Makes the Bagan’s Ancientness

» Kyauk Gu U Min is an Ancient Structure in Bagan

Kyauk Gu U Min situated about three kilometers east of Nyaung U is one of the most significant historic sites in Bagan. The temple is famous for its amazing sandstone figures, gigantic Buddha statues and fine square frescoes.

kyauk gu u min

Kyauk Gu U Min is One of the Most Ancientness Sites in Bagan

» Structure of Kyauk Gu U Min

The structure of the Kyauk Gu U Min Temple is very impressive with the harmonious combination of many factors. Stone sculptures of ogres stand on the upper reaches of the wall and triangle shaped floral designs lies below. At the base of the main pillars of the devotional hall, there are floral designs.

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The Stairs Leading to Kyauk Gu U Min

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Kyauk Gu U Min temple was also constructed on the bank of Irrawaddy River with the lower section made of stone bricks and the two upper stories made of earth bricks. There was a stunning path of 500 feet long with many twists and turns, tunnels and cellars was dug into the stone wall.

kyauk gu u min 2

Stone Wall of Kyauk Gu U Min

In the north side of temple are niches where you can see sculptures of eight important events of the Buddha’s life.

In the main hall was the large Buddha image with relief figures of the Buddha’s two disciples on the both sides of the image. On each side of it was two Arahats in relief on the ceiling.

kyauk gu u min 4

Front View of Kyauk Gu U Min

In the upper storey, there are some square niches on both sides of the inner and outer walls of the vaulted corridor. These niches are believed to be painted scenes from 550 Jatakas; however the work remained unfinished.

kyauk gu u min 5

“Kyauk Gu U Min” Means the Rock Cave Tunnel

The notable feature of the structure is that the vaulted hall of the first storey is equipped with light wells. These light wells help light pass through from the light wells in the roof of the second storey down to the light wells of the first one as the sun reaches noon. There is a small zedi on the north side of the entrance hall.

kyauk gu u min 6

Bagan Half Day Sightseeing Tour by boat to visit Kyauk Gu U Min 

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