Mount Victoria – A Trip to Reconnect with the Nature

Your Bagan tour will be extended to the next level of interesting with the trek to Mount Victoria. Located in the outstanding Nat Ma Taung National Park, Victoria mountain is the highest peak of Chin state and the third highest mountain of the country making it one of the perfect places for trekking and hiking activities.

Furthermore, visitors will be amazed by the incredible biodiversity of the mountain and its surrounding areas with a wide range of fauna and flora and the unique ethnic communities. Bagan adventure tour to Mount Victoria promises to be a highlight in your trip to the temples plain with amazing itineraries and unforgettable experience.

How to Get to Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria stands magnificently 3,053 meters in the region of Kanpetlet township, Mindat district which takes 7 hours drive west of the temples plain Bagan. From this place, tourists can hike or take a ride to the head trail to begin your trek to the summit of Victoria mountain. The ride can be done by a 4×4 vehicle or a jeep which can save a lot of time.

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When to Trek

The best time to trek Mount Victoria is from November to February when the weather is cool and the sky is clear with less chance of raining.

Trekking up Mount Victoria

First and foremost, you will have to prepare enough energy for a hard trekking day ahead with a good breakfast and copious amounts of water.

The trek will take about 5 hours to get to the summit and back. Though it is rather challenging but the journey is well worth the effort. As the trail runs through the national park where nature is preserved and local culture remains untouched, tourists will have a chance to enjoy the endemic flora and fauna and experience the native life. Furthermore, when you reach to the top, the breath taking panorama of the area appears in front of your eyes creating one of the most inspiring moments in your trip to Burma.

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Visiting Local Villages

Lies in the trekking route to Victoria mountain, Kanpelet town is where you find the accommodations and experience the local culture. This beautiful old colonial town sets 3000 feet above the sea level having the cool weather all year round. It is the home of some Chin’s ethnic groups whose women are known for the tattooed faces.

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5 hours hike north from Kanpetlet, Mindat town appears along the mountain ridge. You can find a number of Burmese ethnic groups here such as Upu, Yan and Dai whose women’s faces tattooed with the distinctive patterns in order to distinguish from other tribes. Although the tradition had a good purpose of preventing women form kidnapping in the past, it is now forbidden by the government.

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Mindat town

You can also visit the local market in the centre of Mindat town where you find the most colorful clothes and other traditional handicrafts like tapestries and holsters.

Other Activities

Mount Victoria is also a perfect place for nature lovers. People not only come here to enjoy the fresh air and tranquil atmosphere but also to admire the diversity ecology. The park features a wide range of rare birds and endemic species which creates a great observing opportunity for ornithologists. You can also have a chance to see the wild orchids and the most colorful butterflies during the trek.

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Practical Information

• The entrance fee of Nat Ma Taung national park is $10USD

• The electricity in Kanpetlet and Mindat is limited due to the remote locations. Eco lodges contain generator back up which usually turned off at 10pm. Guesthouses don’t have any.

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