Things to Do in Bagan

Are you ready to explore Bagan – the land of Asia’s most unique temple plain? There is no doubt that the importance of the historic site which was recognized as a significant cultural heritage of the world, along with Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Machu Pichu Sanctuary in Peru. We’re pleased to introduce you all the highlights and attractions in the ancient city in order to help you gain amazing experiences through your Bagan travel. Let’s our Bagan Travel Guide perfect your trip to this wonderful land with the top interesting things to do below.

5 Best Places to Enjoy Sunrise and Sunset in Myanmar

Myanmar is aptly called the “Golden Land” and for you to understand why you must take a visit to the country and experience the astonishing and breathtaking sunrise and sunset. The country has some ... Read more →

Discover 5 Legendary Monasteries in Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan in Myanmar has always been a top tourist destination with over 2000 temples. It is also home to different kind of monasteries that portray the rich history of Myanmar. If you want to discover some of the ... Read more →

Mount Victoria – A Trip to Reconnect with the Nature

Your Bagan tour will be extended to the next level of interesting with the trek to Mount Victoria. Located in the outstanding Nat Ma Taung National Park, Victoria mountain is the highest peak of Chin state and ... Read more →

5 Secret Temples Perfect for Watching Sunrise in Bagan

The ancient capital of Burmese kingdom – Bagan is no doubt a must visit attraction in the golden land which contains more than 2000 temples dotted in the massive greenery plain. Beside the historical and ... Read more →

Top 10 Best 3 – 4 Star Hotels & Resorts in Bagan

Bagan is a region of many ancient and spiritual wonders, such a great area will require you to travel a lot. Of course you will need a good place to rest after a long day of excitement. Which means this is the ... Read more →

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Bagan

To some extent, Bagan can be considered to be a hallowed ground of Myanmar since there are many temples and pagodas situtated here. Each temple or pagoda has its own story, though some stories here might not be ... Read more →

Bagan Lacquerware – How an Artisan Creates a Masterpiece

» Origin of Bagan Lacquerware Originating from China, the lacquerware has developed thousands of years in almost Southeast Asia countries. In Myanmar, resin is taken from Thit-si tree, which is popular in most ... Read more →

Irrawaddy River – The Spiritual River of Burmese People

The Irrawaddy River or the Ayeyarwady River is the longest river in Myanmar with the origin from the Kachin River. The Chindwin River is one of five tributaries of the Ayeyarwady River. » History of Irrawaddy R ... Read more →

Bagan City – The City of the Immortal Ancientness

Located in the eastern bank of the Irrawaddy River, Bagan is the ancient city of Burma which is now famous for its numerous temples and monuments with long-lasting history. » History of Bagan City 9th to 13th C ... Read more →