Top 10 Best 3 – 4 Star Hotels & Resorts in Bagan

Bagan is a region of many ancient and spiritual wonders, such a great area will require you to travel a lot. Of course you will need a good place to rest after a long day of excitement. Which means this is the perfect time to search for a good accomodation. So here we are: Top 10 Best 3 Star Hotels & Resorts in Bagan!

1. Bagan Thande Hotel

Bagan Thande Hotel is located 4 kilometers to south.west of Old Bagan City. It is one of the oldest hotels and it was opened in 1922 for the visit of King Edward VIII. The hotel is considered to be one of the best hotels in the Old Bagan area.

best 3 star hotels & resorts in bagan

There are total 78 rooms and bungalows, all are spacious and clean. The Thande also includes a swimming located in a garden, perfectly suitable for resting and relaxation. On top of that there is also nature spa services which bring a gentle atmosphere. The hotel’s main restaurant offers and excellent viewpoint to the river, which is truly gorgeous during both sunrise and sunset.

2. Arthawka Hotel

Arthawka Hotel located at the center of the New Bagan city, from here, it is pretty easy to travel to various locations such as Gawdawpalin Pahto or Archaeological Museum.

best 3 star hotels & resorts in bagan 2

Arthawka’s design style focuses on simple, yet comfortable and clean which totally gives tourists a refreshing feeling after a long day of adventure. This refreshing feeling also comes from the room design with wooden furnitures, decorated with Burmese fine arts. From the room window tourists can have a sight of green lush nature.

What significant about Arthawka Hotel is the 2 restaurants, outdoor swimming pool, and also 2 bar/lounge areas. Also they include standard services like bicycle rental, room services; all rooms have free Wifi, cable TV; and more…

3. Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort

Located to the West of Shwesandaw Paya is the high rated Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort. And stay true to its ‘sanctuary’ name, the resort proved to be worthy accomodations with lots of services and excellent rooms.

best 3 star hotels & resorts in bagan 7

The resort offers total 120 rooms with variety of styles and room designs. Visitors can choose from quiet and relaxing lodge area, to refreshing bungalow area with the splendid views of the garden and river, or enjoy elegant villa area. The restaurant also has the excellent viewpoint over river and garden, the menus include variety of Myanmar, Asian, Western dishes. Feeling tired and exhausted? Let’s come to Thiripyitsaya Spa and enjoy the renewal feeling. And of course, all standard services like Internet, bike rental are provided.

4. The Hotel at Tharabar Gate

In such a top list of best hotels in Bagan, it will be a huge lack if we don’t include The Hotel at Tharabar Gate, which is rated as one of the best choices of hotels by majority of travelers. From Nyaung Oo airport, it only takes approximately 15-minute drive to get to the hotel.

best 3 star hotels & resorts in bagan 10

The hotel includes 84 rooms in total, all are decorated with traditional wooden furnitures. For those who enjoy spacious resting place, deluxe room will be a fine choice; and for those who like to have a ‘resort’ feeling, suite room are much recommended. The special thing about accomodations in the hotel is that all rooms are set in a tropical-flora style garden, inhabited by native birds.

Visitors can also choose to have meal from either elegant French Garden or open.air Ananda Restaurant (you can also choose to have meal in your room). The Hotel at Tharabar Gate also offers a ‘24 hour butler service’, and the exciting ‘Balloons Over Bagan’ which gives you an oppurtunity to enjoy the sight of many pagodas from high distance.

5. Ruby True Hotel

Unlike many other hotels & resorts, Ruby True Hotel gives travelers quite an unique feeling when they first step in this resort-style hotel.

best 3 star hotels & resorts in bagan 11

Located quite far away from the city centre, from Nyaung Airport, it would take 20 minutes to get to the hotel. However for some visitors, the far distance proves to be better since they can rest far away from the busy and crowded city centre.

The hotel’s design is pretty stand out with the wooden-clad style from the outside to the inside; from main hall, restaurant to guest rooms and other buildings, all follow the same wooden-clad design. As it turns out to be a nice change after seeing lots of modern design nowadays. The hotel offers 30 guestrooms with free Wifi, also including free buffet breakfast. Instead of bike rental service, Ruby True Hotel offers town car service.

6. Aye Yar River View Resort

Aye Yar River View Resort was one of the hotels achived Green Hotel Reward 2014, and stay true to its name and achivement, the resort truly provides fantastic view and pleasant accomodation.

best 3 star hotels & resorts in bagan 4

Aye Yar River View Resort offers 107 rooms, all are designed through the combination between modern contemporary style and old Bagan style. Rooms created with lots of space, and private balcony. Restaurant provides mostly Asian dishes from Chinese, Thai, and Myanmar. Sunset Bar is indeed one of the best attrations with the splendid over the river, especially during the sunset.

Aside from these facilities, the resort also offers plenty of areas for conferences, events, notably the 300-square-meter ballroom. And of course other standard services and facilities are also available like swimming pool, spa, even including fitness center and kids’ pool.

7. Zfreeti Hotel

Just after 5-minute drive from Shwezigone Pagoda, Zfreeti Hotel awaits for your arrival. After renovation in 2013, what we will see is a well-changed hotel with awesome services.

best 3 star hotels & resorts in bagan 4

Most of the facilities such as the main hall and the reception, follows the ancient Bagan style, while the total 102 rooms are designed mostly with modern architecture. As for the decking area, it looks elegant and provides pleasant relax time with red wall and green lush trees.

The rooftop restaurant provides a wide range of dishes from traditional Myanmar dishes, and other Asian cuisines like Thai, Chinese, to European dishes. To the tiring souls, pool and pool bar will be much appreciated, and instead of pool, visitors can enjoy themselves in the garden instead.

8. Kaytumadi Dynasty Hotel

For travelers who prefer more bungalow-style hotel, we have Kaytumadi Dynasty Hotel located 1.9 kilometers away from Dhammayazika Pagoda.

best 3 star hotels & resorts in bagan 3

This hotel has the total of 34 bungalow-type rooms, decorated with traditional Myanmar style. Also the interesting thing about the room is that their rooftops are thatched with bamboo and toddy palms which give the room a cool atmosphere.

All rooms are built upon a garden-style ground, gives visitors a pleasant impression.
Food and drink from the restaurant are well-made and savory, also the restaurant provide wide range of choices with all kinds of local and international dishes from Myanmar, Indian, Chinese to Western cuisine.

9. Sky View Hotel

Located 2 kilometers away from Shwezigon Pagoda is, Sky View Hotel is the one got lots of praises from visitors for its area and services. As the visitors arrive, Sky View Hotel’s transport provision will already be in their disposal.

best 3 star hotels & resorts in bagan 2

Sky View Hotel provides 38 clean and spacious rooms. The most attractive part is it hotel rooftop which has excellent view, and the rooftop restaurant which has excellent food with nice taste.

10. Popa Mountain Resort

So most hotels and resorts in this list are built in the city or the outskirt, but in this last one, how about resting on a mountain? And yes, Popa Mountain Resort is exactly what we can wish for.

best 3 star hotels & resorts in bagan

Its unique trait comes from its location itself – the Popa mountain, and this is where extraordinary view awaits. The entire resort follows ancient Bagan architectural design. All relaxing facilities like restaurant, lounge, bar, and especially the pool, offer magnificient views of the surrounding nature, extremely relaxing as a resting choice. In this resort, they provide all kinds of service, and due to the resort’s unique location, horseriding and hiking are also included.

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