5 Secret Temples Perfect for Watching Sunrise in Bagan

The ancient capital of Burmese kingdom – Bagan is no doubt a must visit attraction in the golden land which contains more than 2000 temples dotted in the massive greenery plain. Beside the historical and archeological values, tourists flock to this area to watch the magical sunrise over the red brick Buddhist constructions. Bagan is also listed in one of the best places to watch sunrise and sunset in Myanmar. Therefore, some well – known temples close to the main roads are usually crowed in this time of the day such as Shwesandaw pagoda, Pyathetgyi pagoda and Pyathada temples making your experience less special. If you are looking for a best place to enjoy the most inspiring moment of the day, here are 5 secret spots for watching sunrise in Bagan.

bagan sunrise

The crowds in one of the famous sunrise spots in Bagan

1. Law Kaou Shaung Temple

Heading west from the famous sunrise spot – Shwesandaw, the 3 storey Law Kaou Shaung temple lies in the off beaten track rising above the lush vegetation. This site offers a quite magnificent view over the temple plain which is a perfect spot for sunrise watching. You can hardly see any temple sellers here, just a couple of people also looking for their own inspirations from the gorgeous sunrise moment in a quiet and peaceful morning of Bagan.

bagan sunrise 1

2. Oak Kyaung Gyi Monastery

Just a few minutes northeast of Old Bagan, a perfect place, less touristy building to watch the wonderful Htiliminlo temple coming out from the mist of the early morning is the flat – roofed monastery – Oak Kyaung Gyi. To earn the beautiful sunrise view that you have been searching for, you have to climb up the small and dark staircases inside the square monastery. So prepare a torch or headlamp and watch your step.

bagan sunrise 2

3. Ta Wet Phaya

This hidden temple is a bit difficult to find because it lies off the main road. However, you can begin to find it from the well – known Sulamani Pagoda where a small road leading south takes you to the ideal place for sunrise watching. If you get to the site early, you only have to share the amazing view with several tourists. Although Ta Wet Phaya takes some effort to find, this place is worth the try for the serene atmosphere and spectacular scenery.

bagan sunrise 3

Ta Wet Phaya is a perfect spot to watch sunrise in Bagan

4. Shwe Nan Yin Taw Monastic Complex

Another secret place to spot the incredible sunrise of Bagan is the monastic complex of Shwe Nan Yin Taw. Climbing up to the top of one of the temples, you can enjoy not only the amazing scenery of thousands Buddhist constructions emerging in the misty morning but also a dozen of balloon drifting across the horizon. It is such an unforgettable and inspiring moment in your entire journey to this golden land.

bagan sunrise 4

One temples in the

5. Nagayon Pagoda

Lies off the main road of Bagan’s temples plain, the elegant structure of the Nagayon pagoda appears in a quiet and peaceful area which still remains unknown among the massive way of tourists. Thus, if you want a private place to enjoy yourself in the sunrise morning of the ancient capital, this pagoda is a great choice.

bagan sunrise 5

Things to keep in mind

• All these temples listed above lie of the main road of Bagan, therefore, before departure you should prepare for yourself a trustworthy map. If you get lost, feel free to ask the locals around, they will show you the way.
• It is better to go by e bike or bike to explore these hidden places owing to its narrow roads that bus or car cannot access.
• Bring your headlamp for the dark roads in the early morning.

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