Manuha Temple – Where Hiding the Smile of Buddha

One of distinctive features of Bagan travel is its long list of long lasting temples. Constructed in Myinkaba by Mon King, Manuha Temple is one of the oldest temples in Bagan with two-storey-structure. Inside the temple, there are three images of Buddhas.

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Manuha Temple

» History of Manuha Temple

According to legend, Makuta built this temple in 1059 to express his dissatisfaction when he was captive.

» Structure of Manuha Temple

The structure of the pagoda is quite similar to that of Kyauk Gu U Min pagoda. On the top of the temple, there is a smaller rectangle box. Inside the construction is three seated Buddhas images and a huge reclining Buddha image in its back. This image is said to be the unique structure in Bagan because it represents the suffering of the captive king. Due to the effect of the earthquake of 1975, the pagoda was badly damaged especially its seated Buddha.

manuha temple

Manuha Temple is Now Quite Old

» What Can You Do when Visiting Manuha Temple?

From the entrance, you could climb through stairs to the top of the pagoda to admire the reclining Buddha. Through the window, from this point you will have the great view of the image with a huge face and smile on it.

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Howerver, Manuha Temple is Still a Favourite Destination for Those who Love Ancientness

» Manuha Temple Festival

The Manuha Temple Festival is annually held during September or October. It is a traditional Buddhist festival held in Bagan with many interesting activities of local people around the region.

Bagan City Tour to visit Manuha Temple

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