Pakokku Town – A Must-See Destination for Bagan Travel 2016

Located 25 kilometres north of Bagan, Pakokku is a peaceful country town on Ayarwaddy River banks which is linked by a new road and rail bridge across the river.

» Why Pakokku attracts visitors?

The region is famous for its tobacco trading. There is  somethings to do for Bagan travel here such as some famous sites in its northwest, including the remains of Pakhangyi, archaeological museum and one exceptional monastery.

pakkoku 2

The Colourful Pakkoku Market


Pakhangyi Wooden Monastery in Pakkoku

» Festivals at Pakokku

In addition to tobacco trading, Pakokku is also well-known for its remarkable festivals in the Thiho Shin Pagoda. This should be a part of your Bagan travel if you want to learn more about local culture. When travelling the region at the end of May or the beginning of June, you will have chance to participate in the festival with amazing shows and traditional games.

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