Mingalazedi Pagoda – Evidence for the End of Bagan Empire

The Mingalazedi Pagoda is the pagoda which marked the end of the Bagan empire. With the structure of 40 meters high, this pagoda is the Bagan style one in the late period. Consequently, if you want to enjoy a Bagan travel to learn about the ancient Bagan-style architecture, the pagoda is also a good choice.

mingalazedi pagoda 2

Mingalazedi Pagoda

» Structure of Mingalazedi Pagoda

In small stupas around the temple, bricks of green and yellow colors are used to highlight stupas. You can also find nice glazed plaques featuring 550 Jataka stories on the three terraces of the structure.

On each side of the brick platform, you can find diverse plaques with different figures including figures of devas, figures of ogres, figures of Nagas and figures of garudas.

Mingalazedi Pagoda 3

Mingalazedi Pagoda is Higlighted with Green and Yellow Bricks

» Glazed terracotta Jataka Plaques at Mingalazedi Pagoda

On the terraces is a set of glazed terracotta plaques depicting the Jataka tales which tell stories about the previous lives of the Buddha. However, the plaques are now no longer in original due to the damage of weather.

mingalazedi pagoda 4

Glazed terracotta Jataka Plaques at Mingalazedi Pagoda

A library made of brick can be found on the ground of the complex in which Buddhist scriptures are stored. In the Mingalazedi Pagoda, there are different lacquer ware items from 13th century which are considered the oldest in Bagan. Although being damaged badly by the earthquake in 1975, the pagoda then has been repaired.

» Mingalazedi Pagoda Marked the End of Bagan Architectural Development

The Mingalazedi Pagoda is one of temples influenced by the Mon architecture in the early period. It marks the top architectural achievements of Bagan and also the end of development of Bagan style architecture.

mingalazedi pagoda 5

Mingalazedi Pagoda Used to Be a Perfect Place to Enjoy Sunset

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