Kyansittha Temple – The Mysterious Cave Temple in Bagan

Bagan travel is also famous for its cave temples. Kyansittha temple or Kyansittha Umin is one of them. Situated in the western of Nyaung U, the temple is believed to be built in the reign of King Anawrahta.

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Kyansittha Temple

» About Kyansittha King

Kyansittha – the king of Pagan dynasty – is said to be one of the greatest Burmese monarchs. He brought Pagan huge power at that time by taking over his father‘s reforms of economy, culture and society.

Kyansittha was used to be a successful general of his father’s military campaigns. After repressing a Mon rebellion, he was ascended to the Pagan throne.

» Structure of Kyansittha Temple

The height of the cave is about 9 meters and its length is about 23.5 meters. The special thing is that the structure is divided into 2 parts; one part is above the ground and the other is under the ground.

kyansittha temple

Kyansittha Temple Was Built in a Simple Architecture

There is a long corridor in the temple which is ornamented with paintings and the frescoes. Many of these represent Mongul invaders who took over Bagan. The paintings of musicians and dancers are special ones which are drawn with lines.

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