The Best Ways to Get Around Bagan

Bagan is no doubt a famous tourist attraction in Myanmar which draws massive ways of visitor come to explore every year. The national heritage site contains more than 2,000 thousand Buddhist temples dotting in the enormous plain. With the grandeur scale of 67 square km, Bagan temples plain is impossible to discover on foot especially in the hot weather of Burma. Then, the question is: How to get around Bagan? There are a number of means of transport that you can use to explore the mysteries of this ancient capital such as bicycle, horse cart and even hot air balloon. The choice is yours depending on time and budget.

The incredible Bagan temples plain


The cheapest ways to go around Bagan is by the good old – fashioned bicycle. If you like a bit adventure and find your favorite temples on your own, bicycle is definitely your choice. But bear in mind that the weather in this region can get very hot and the sandy tracks are hard to ride. This mode of transport is only suitable for someone with good endurance and stamina.

You can hire a bike in every guesthouses and hotels in Bagan with the rental price goes around 2,000 to 5,000 kyat ($1.5 – 3.5US) for a day. We recommend choosing a bike with gears and taking it for a spin before hiring because some of them are in poor condition and you don’t want to push it back in the crazy hot weather in Bagan.

Bagan biking tour is really interesting but taking a lot of effort

Bagan biking tour is really interesting but taking a lot of effort

» Consider our Bagan Temple Biking Tour for the best experience in the temples plain!

2.E bike

A more comfortable way to explore Bagan is by e bike. E bike is a vehicle like bike running by electric batteries which operates like a scooter. The battery will last for 8 hours if fully charged and an e bike can reach the speed of 40km/h. This form of transport takes less time and effort than riding an old – time bike. Because foreigners are not allowed to ride motorbike in Myanmar, a convenient e bike becomes widely popular among the tourists as a way to discover Bagan.

There are a lot of e bike rental stores in this area with a wide range of choices. An e bike for hire costs about 6,000 – 8,000 kyat (4 – 6 USD) for a day. Please check the e bike carefully before hiring it and ask for the information of the rental shop in case your e bike has something wrong during the trip. Or join in our Bagan e biking tour for the best service.

E biking in Bagan takes less time and effort

E biking in Bagan is more convenient

» If you choose bike and e bike to explore the old Bagan then make sure to bring plenty of water with you, though there are still restaurants and vendors on the way for refreshments. And don’t forget to put on sunscreen too. Furthermore, you should buy a map and plan ahead your journey avoiding getting lost in the massive temples plain.

3.Horse Cart

If you are looking for a romantic way to discover the ancient city, a shaded, padded bed horse cart is always available. The carriages may protect you from the sun and downpour but the trip is bumpy, dusty, and pretty slow. Drivers speak some English, will show you some famous temples and even the hidden ones but the downside is that horse carts only run in the main roads because of their big size.

The price for a trip with horse cart is about 15,000 – 25,000 kyat (11 – 18 USD) a day and 10,000 for half day depending on the season and where you hire it. The carriage can be shared between 2 people or 4 for family with small children. With the appearance of e bike, horse carts are no longer a main transportation to get around Bagan. If you want to experience the trip with horse carriages, take it only for the sunrise or sunset watching.

Bagan horse carriage

Bagan horse carriage

4.Car/ taxi

Air conditioned car is the most comfortable ways to explore the temples plain without the dust and heat. Car can be hired for a full day, half day or an individual trip and expect that the price will go about 40 dollars or more with a guide. Like horse carriages, car only runs in the big roads owing to the big size but it still takes you to the must visit temples and some special ones.


Exploring Bagan by car is the most comfortable way

5.Hot Air Balloon

There is also an exotic and special way to see the magnificent temples of the ancient city: balloon riding. You can have a bird’s eye view of Bagan from the sky high balloon which creates one of the most inspiring moments in your trip to Myanmar. The experience promises to be spectacular in the sunrise which thousands of temples slowly come out from the mist of the early morning in the serenity and mythical atmosphere of the man – made masterpiece from the long gone era.

The price for a balloon trip is quiet expensive ranging from 320 to 450 US dollars depending on each companies and types of balloon tour packages (premium and classic).

Experience the incredible sunrise with Balloon over Bagan Tour

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