Where to Buy Lacquerware? – 9 Bagan Lacquerware Shops


1. Chan Thar Lacquerware Workshop

The first shopping destination you can take consideration when buying lacquer ware in Bagan is the Chan Thar Lacquer ware Workshop where you can find a wide selection of lacquer ware ranging from kitchenware to ornamental items.

  • Location: Main Road, Myin Ka Par, Bagan.

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2. Ever Stand Lacquerware Workshop

Ever Stand Lacquerware Workshop is another good choice for you to get a suitable gift. Lacquerware items here are impressive not only because of its charming beauty but also of its reasonable price.

  • Location: Between Old Bagan & Nyaung Oo.,Wetkyi-in Village.

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3. Golden Bagan Lacquerware Shop

Among the best lacquer ware shopping destination in Bagan, the Golden Bagan Lacquerware Shop is also a good place to pick some of the outstanding laccquerware products. Like other shops in Bagan, the shop offers you a numerous items with different sizes and designs for you to choose.

  • Location: Khaye Main Road, New Bagan.

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4. Golden Cuckoo Lacquerware Workshop

Golden Cuckoo is one of the most highlighted sources of Bagan lacquerware shops runned by a family which has lived with this work for 4 generations. The best products here are cups, bowls, plates and trays. The proprietors of the shop can speak English very well and willing to help you understand the process of making lacquerware.

  • Location: Myin Ka Par Village, Bagan.

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5. Moe Moe Family Lacquerware

For consumers who are serious about lacquerware, the Moe Moe Family Lacquerware Workshop is defintely a perfect Bagan laccquerware shop. Both traditional and modern pieces are displayed in the spacious showroom. Although the factory is busy all day, proprietors can still show you how the lacquer is made.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00-21:00
  • Location: Main Road, Ywar Thit Quarter, New Bagan.

bagan lacquerware shops 5

6. Shwe La Yaung Lacquerware Shop and Store

The people behind the Shwe La Yaung Lacquerware Shop and Store know that it is all about the laccquerware than its funtionality. The intricately designed merchandise of this shopping destination also tells stories, often those of love and astrology (a prominent feature of their lacquerware is the mythical bird named Hintha). The store’s best-selling products include small finger bowls and bucket-sized betel-nut canisters.

  • Location: South Quarter, Myinkaba, Bagan.

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7. Shwe War Thein Handicrafts Shop

As one of the best souvenir shops in the region, Shwe War Thein is place to see the truly exquisite items. The main products here are puppets (antique and new), wood carvings, chess sets, lacquerware, bronze pieces and gems. The staff members are also very passionate about what they sell but never make pressure on customers.

  • Opening Hours: 07:00-21:00
  • Location: East of Tharabar Gate, Taung Be Village, Old Bagan.

bagan lacquerware shops 7

8. Tun Handcrafted Lacquerware

Tun Handcrafted Lacquerware is another recommended bagan laccquerware shop for you. Handmade artifacts of lacquerware sold here are suitable to be used as accessories or for home decoration. Many other kinds of items surely will make you impressed.

  • Location: 6/1 Khan Laung Quarter.

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9. U Ba Nyein Lacquerware Workshop

Just like Moe Moe shop, U Ba Nyein Lacquerware Workshop offers a large showroom to display the best items they sell such as cups, ashtrays to vases, jewelry boxes and furniture (lacquer tables and chairs). This is one of the most popular bagan laccquerware shops in the ancient city.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00-21:00
  • Location: Main Road, Myo Thit, Bagan.

bagan lacquerware shops 9

» To be noted that, the article is only for the purpose of the suggestion. We do not support in purchasing and shiping the products. If you want to buy a beautiful piece of laccquerware, join in one of our awesome Bagan Tours to not only experience the making process but also buy a stunning item.

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  1. SUROT Pierre says:

    Good morning

    Please send me the email address from Tun Lacqerware Workshop G1 Khanlaung quarter in Bagan

    Thanks in advance


    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Dear Surot Pierre,

      Many thanks for your comment,

      I would like to give you some information that Tun Lacquerware Workshop have no email address so if you want to buy something, please arrive in 6/1 Khan Laung Quarter.

      With my warmest regards,

  2. Dumrong Sakulpongyuenyong says:

    I want to import the Pagoda style lacquerware into Thailand to use in our lamp stores. How would I go about visiting your village and is there a guide to show us around?

  3. Michelle Oram says:

    My family and I visited Bagan in August 2016. We were there for the big earthquake!

    I saw some beautiful very large wooden puppet heads in the large Bagan market. I believe it was the Mani Sithu Market. I liked two different styles of puppets. One was the young girl with two pig tails in in hair, and the other was the puppets of girls laying on their stomachs (one is yellow and one is green in the pictures below).

    I would like to buy two large wooden puppet heads of the young girl with her hair in two balls, and two of the girls laying down. Can you purchase these for me and send them to me in the USA.

    I can pay by credit card, Western Union or PayPal. Or any way that works for you.

    Please help me! My family loved your country and we really want these as reminders of our trip.

    Thank you,

  4. De Maria Clio says:

    HI, I want to buy some products lacquer (the typical food box, if you want I can see you the items)
    How can I do? you can send me them in Italy ?

    There is a website when I can bay?
    Thank you very much.
    Clio De Maria

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