Myazedi Pagoda – A Famous Site with Myazedi Inscription

Having a Bagan travel, you can realize the characteristic feature of almost stupas is its gilded covers. Myazedi Pagoda in Myinkaba village is one of them.

myazedi pagoda

Myazedi Pagoda

» Structure of Myazedi Pagoda

Two large Chinthes can be found along the stairs which lead to the temple grounds. On a large platform stands the Myazedi pagoda and other temples.

myazedi pagoda 2

Myazedi Pagoda is Built in a Classic Structure

On the top of the pagoda, there are numerous hti-ornamental spires. In the outer wall of the first tier, there are some small ornamental niches with a golden hti spire on its top. It is where small images of Buddha are housed. The first and the third tier’s corners contain small ornamental spires while the second’s are lion statues.

myazedi pagoda 3

Myazedi Pagoda is Still Quite New

In addition, two more structures including a bell shaped stupa and a small temple with some hti on its top are found right behind the pagoda.

» Inscription in Myazedi Pagoda

In a small building next to the pagoda, you also can find the famous Myazedi inscription which is considered the oldest stone inscription in Burma.

myazedi pagoda 4

But What Makes it Special is the Ancient Myazedi Inscription

Four languages including ancient Pali, Mon, old Burmese and Pyu are inscribed in a large stone which helped archeologists discover Pyu language, the earliest inhabitants of upper Burma in previous period.

The stone inscription tells the story about Prince Yazakumar and his father- King Kyanzittha – who chose Alaungsithu to be his successor to the throne instead of his son.

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