Myanmar Makes U-turn on Bagan Temple Climbing Ban

Bagan Temple Climbing Ban – This is a very unfortunate information for those who love enjoying sunset from the ancient temples and pagodas in Bagan. From March 1st 2016, all tourists are not allowed to climb up the Bagan temples to enjoy dawn and sunset as before.

Bagan Temple Climbing Ban

It is the latest announcement of Authority in Bagan to limit the impolite behaviours of visitors at this one of the most famous archaeological destinations in the world.

Standing on the temples and pagodas here to enjoy the beginning and the ending of a day is a very interesting experience of foreign tourists once being in this area housing over 2500 ancient temples. This activity is usually included in any tour packages to Myanmar, also what creates the fascination of Bagan travel and attracts hundred thousand tourists per year.

According to the Cultural Ministry of Myanmar, this announcement is to protect the temples which is traditionally worshiped by local people and for tourists to avoid danger when climbing up them.

On the official fanpage of Cultural Ministry of Myanmar: “Moreover, regardless of in-advance notice, visitors climbing up here usually had not good behaviours to the sacred places such as: not suitable dressing, jumping and even taking a nap on the temples. We officially inform that, no one are allowed to climb up the monuments from March 1st 2016 onward.”

Bagan Temple Climbing Ban 2

Sometimes, Comfortable Clothings of Visitors Are Not Suitable at Sacred Temples in Bagan

Naung Naung Han, representative of Myanmar Tourism Association said “Bagan will have many other interesting things for visitors to be satisfied”. However, it was him who said that no sunset from ancient temples here is also an unfortunate thing for many visitors.

In order not to make tourist disappointed, the Authority reopened 5 temples for visitors to climb up and enjoy landscape, they are:

  1. Shwesandaw Pagoda
  2. Pyathatgyi Temple
  3. North Guni Temple
  4. South Gunj Temple
  5. Thitsarwadi Temple

And in the five above attractions, the Shwesandaw is the most favourable place for dawn and sunset.

• Bagan City – Paradise of Dawn and Sunset from Ancient Temples.

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