Things to Do in Bagan

Are you ready to explore Bagan – the land of Asia’s most unique temple plain? There is no doubt that the importance of the historic site which was recognized as a significant cultural heritage of the world, along with Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Machu Pichu Sanctuary in Peru. We’re pleased to introduce you all the highlights and attractions in the ancient city in order to help you gain amazing experiences through your Bagan travel. Let’s our Bagan Travel Guide perfect your trip to this wonderful land with the top interesting things to do below.

Nyaung Oo Market – The Authentic Local Market to Visit

» Nyaung Oo Market Bagan travel also enchants visitors by its unique and vivid local markets in which Nyaung Oo Market is a must visit spot when travelling to the ancient capital. » What to See at Nyaung Oo Mar ... Read more →

Pyathadar Temple – One of Particular Cave Temples in Bagan

In the list of historic sites to visit of your Bagan travel, you should not miss Pyathadar Temple, a monument with double caves. » Structures of the Pyathadar Temple The temple is designed with large vaults and ... Read more →

Mingalazedi Pagoda – Evidence for the End of Bagan Empire

The Mingalazedi Pagoda is the pagoda which marked the end of the Bagan empire. With the structure of 40 meters high, this pagoda is the Bagan style one in the late period. Consequently, if you want to enjoy a B ... Read more →

Kyansittha Temple – The Mysterious Cave Temple in Bagan

Bagan travel is also famous for its cave temples. Kyansittha temple or Kyansittha Umin is one of them. Situated in the western of Nyaung U, the temple is believed to be built in the reign of King Anawrahta. » A ... Read more →

Myazedi Pagoda – A Famous Site with Myazedi Inscription

Having a Bagan travel, you can realize the characteristic feature of almost stupas is its gilded covers. Myazedi Pagoda in Myinkaba village is one of them. » Structure of Myazedi Pagoda Two large Chinthes can b ... Read more →

Manuha Temple – Where Hiding the Smile of Buddha

One of distinctive features of Bagan travel is its long list of long lasting temples. Constructed in Myinkaba by Mon King, Manuha Temple is one of the oldest temples in Bagan with two-storey-structure. Inside t ... Read more →

Nanpaya Temple – Structure Built From the Ancient Sandstone

» Nanpaya Temple is One of 4 Sandstone Structures in Bagan Along with three sandstone monuments in Bagan including Shwezigon Pagoda, Kyauk Gu U Min and Set Ku Taik in your Bagan travel to explore, Nanpaya Templ ... Read more →

Pakokku Town – A Must-See Destination for Bagan Travel 2016

Located 25 kilometres north of Bagan, Pakokku is a peaceful country town on Ayarwaddy River banks which is linked by a new road and rail bridge across the river. » Why Pakokku attracts visitors? The region is f ... Read more →

Kyauk Gu U Min – What Makes the Bagan’s Ancientness

» Kyauk Gu U Min is an Ancient Structure in Bagan Kyauk Gu U Min situated about three kilometers east of Nyaung U is one of the most significant historic sites in Bagan. The temple is famous for its amazing san ... Read more →