Pyathadar Temple – One of Particular Cave Temples in Bagan

In the list of historic sites to visit of your Bagan travel, you should not miss Pyathadar Temple, a monument with double caves.

pyathadar temple 2

Pyathadar Temple

» Structures of the Pyathadar Temple

The temple is designed with large vaults and broad corridors to connect one building to the other.

There is a huge vaulted entry porch at the center of the wall. A large image of Buddha is placed inside the structure. Other images are enshrined in niches in the walls.

pyathadar temple 3

View from Side of Pyathadar Temple

» The Pyathadar Temple’s Terraces

The terrace on top of Pyathadar Temple is connected with a staircase. At the center of the temple, there is another temple-shaped structure. The Pyathadar is topped with sikharas on which hti-ornamental spires are adorned.

When reaching the terraces, you will be awarded with a stunning view of surroundings and numerous monuments. It is also an ideal place to watch sunset.

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